What Are The Best Translation Tools in 2023? Top 20 Tools in a Translator’s Arsenal

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Adedamola Ojedokun

Language barriers hinder business growth, limit educational opportunities, and obstruct other areas of our increasingly interconnected world. Fortunately, modern translation tools help overcome language barriers and enhance global interactions. But what are the best translation tools, and how do I choose them?

This article explores what translation tools are, highlighting the 20 best translation software tools available today. From industry giants like Amazon and Google to specialized platforms like Centus and DeepL, these tools provide different features to meet a wide range of translation needs.

Keep reading to discover:

-1. Centus

-2. Google Cloud Translation

-3. Amazon Translate

-4. DeepL

-5. Microsoft Translator

-6. ChatGPT

-7. SDL Trados Studio

-8. memoQ

-9. Phrase

-10. Smartcat

-11. Wordbee Translator

-12. MateCat

-13. OmegaT

-14. CafeTran Espresso

-15. Crowdin

-16. Déjà Vu

-17. XTM Cloud

-18. Transifex

-19. Lionbridge Translation Workspace

-20. Weglot

Pro tip: A localization platform, such as Centus, can assist you in creating and managing multilingual content. Businesses of all sizes use the platform’s translation memory, machine translation, glossaries, and other features to improve the accuracy, speed, and consistency of their translations. Learn more.

What Are Translation Tools?

Translation tools are software applications designed to translate text from one language to another. Anyone who needs to translate a document or piece of text for personal or professional reasons can use the tools.

what are translation tools?

Professional translation tools offer several features, such as:

Translation memory

Translation memories save previously translated text. It allows the tool to reuse previous translations when translating similar content. This saves time and improves accuracy.

Read more about translation memories here.

Terminology management

This allows translators to save and maintain specific terminology and phrases so they can use them consistently throughout the translation process.


A translation glossary allows translators to create and use glossaries of terms and phrases, which can be useful when translating technical content.

Grammar and spelling checkers

These features can help in identifying and correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.

Dictionaries and thesaurus

These resources can assist translators in discovering the appropriate words to represent their ideas in the target language.

Machine translation

This feature is used to create a rough translation of a text that human translators can then edit.

20 Best Translation Software Tools Online

There are many translation tools on the market. These language translation tools are designed to assist individuals, corporations, and organizations in accurately and efficiently performing automatic translation from one language to another. Here are the 20 most popular translation tools:



Centus is a localization and translation platform that assists businesses in expanding into new markets and reaching new customers. The platform has many features, including extensive language support, a user-friendly interface, a variety of translation programs, and a team of localization experts. Centus can help organizations expand their reach, improve customer experience, enhance brand image, and save on translation costs.

Top Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Supports popular machine translation (MT) engines

  • Collaboration capabilities

  • Extensive language support

  • Robust integration capabilities

  • Data security and confidentiality

  • Website localization

  • Software localization

  • Audiovisual translation

  • Professional translation services

  • Document translation

  • Content management system integration

  • Requires an internet connection

  • The accuracy of MT can vary

More details here.

Google Cloud Translation

google cloud translation

Source: Google

Google created Google Cloud Translation, which is an advanced translation tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. It provides accurate and fast translations across several languages, with features such as neural machine translation, comprehensive language support, autoML translation for customization, a REST API interface, and translation memories.

The tool can be used for website localization, customer service, content translation, and language learning. It does, however, have limitations and occasional errors, requiring a review of critical content.

Top Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

  • Language support

  • AutoML translation

  • REST API and client libraries

  • Translation memory

  • Glossary

  • Website localization

  • Customer support

  • Content translation

  • Language learning

  • Potential inaccuracies or misinterpretations

  • $20 per million characters.

Amazon Translate

amazon translate

Source: Amazon

Amazon Translate is a popular translation software application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. It supports over 70 languages and provides accurate and fast translations. Users can adjust translations to ensure a more personalized experience. The tool is scalable and smoothly connects with other Amazon Web Services (AWS) products.

It operates on a low-cost, pay-as-you-go model, making it accessible to both individuals and companies. Developers can use its API to add translation capabilities to their apps.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Accurate and fast translation

  • Extensive language support

  • Customization and personalization

  • Scalability and integration

  • Developer-friendly API

  • Localization of websites, apps, and software

  • Multilingual customer support, Integration of translation capabilities into applications and websites

  • Data privacy and security during translation processes

  • International communication

  • May encounter challenges with complex or specialized terminology

  • Initial translations may require additional feedback and adjustments

  • API implementation and maintenance may require technical expertise

  • Standard: $15 per million characters

  • Batch: $15 per million characters

  • Active Custom: $60 per million characters

  • Real-Time Document: $15 per million characters for Txt and HTML files



Source: DeepL

DeepL is an advanced translation software known for its high quality and accuracy. Leveraging neural machine translation (NMT) algorithms, it produces fluent and natural translations that usually outperform competing tools.

DeepL meets a wide range of linguistic requirements by supporting several languages, including popular ones like English, German, French, and Spanish. It has a user-friendly interface and supports document and internet translation, as well as text input translation. DeepL's translations are contextually sensitive and successfully capture nuances.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Exceptional translation quality and accuracy

  • Diverse translation options (documents, websites, text)

  • Emphasis on privacy and security

  • Contextually-aware translations

  • Collaboration features for team workflows

  • Document translation

  • Website translation

  • Integration with applications, websites, and systems

  • Collaboration on translation projects

  • Limited support for some less commonly spoken languages

  • Limited customization options for translations

  • Dependence on an internet connection for real-time collaboration and translation capabilities

  • Starts at $8.74 per month (billed annually) for individuals and teams

Microsoft Translator

microsoft translator

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Translator is a powerful and user-friendly translation software. Some of its features include text translation, speech translation, document translation, website localization, and mobile app integration.

It provides a smooth translation experience by integrating seamlessly into Microsoft products and services such as Office 365 and Azure Cognitive Services. The application uses ML and AI technology to continuously enhance translation quality.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Text translation

  • Speech translation

  • Document translation

  • Website localization

  • Mobile app integration

  • Integration with Microsoft products

  • Machine learning and AI capabilities

  • Collaboration and customization

  • Communication across language barriers

  • Real-time speech translation for conversations and events

  • Document translation for businesses

  • Website localization

  • Mobile translation on the go

  • Accuracy may vary depending on language pairs

  • Limited offline translation capabilities

  • Customization requires technical expertise

  • May not support all file types for document translation

  • Starts at $10 per million characters of standard translation



Source: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an advanced translation program developed by OpenAI. It uses natural language processing to offer accurate translations and enhance multilingual communication. ChatGPT offers features such as accurate translations, multilingual support, and contextual comprehension due to its neural network design and rigorous training on different language data.

ChatGPT benefits from regular updates and improvements since the tool is always evolving.

Learn more about AI-enabled translation here.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Accurate translations

  • Multilingual support

  • Contextual understanding

  • User-friendly interface

  • Continuous learning

  • Personal use

  • Business applications

  • Content creation

  • Language learning

  • May not handle highly specialized or technical content

  • Potential for occasional inaccuracies

  • Reliance on internet connectivity

  • $1.5 per million characters

SDL Trados Studio

sdl trados studio

Source: Trados

SDL Trados Studio is a popular translation software that was developed by SDL. It offers features such as translation memory, terminology management, project management, and quality assurance to increase translator efficiency and quality. The software is compatible with different types of files and allows for smooth collaboration.

It also works with MT, allowing translators to take advantage of suggestions for greater efficiency. SDL Trados Studio is well-known for its industry-standard status and is commonly used by language professionals.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Translation memory system

  • Terminology management

  • Integration and compatibility

  • MT integration

  • Project management

  • Professional translators and language service providers

  • Localization projects

  • Multilingual content management

  • Document translation

  • High initial cost for software and training

  • Limited support for some file formats

  • Steep learning curve for new users

  • Starts at €324 for freelance subscription.



Source: memoQ

memoQ is a robust and user-friendly translation tool that is used by experienced translators and language service providers. Its user-friendly interface and sophisticated translation memory technology provide a smooth workflow and consistent translations. This modern technology facilitates communication among translators and project managers by synchronizing updates in real-time.

MemoQ interfaces with major computer aided translation tools and supports different file types, making it extremely versatile. The tool’s integration with MT improves productivity, while customization options allow customers to tailor the software to their preferences.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • User-friendly interface

  • Advanced translation memory

  • Collaborative translation

  • MT integration

  • Maintains consistency in translations

  • Increases productivity through reusing translations

  • Manages terminology with a termbase

  • Integration with popular CAT tools

  • Extensive customization options may require some technical expertise

  • Some advanced features may require additional plugins or licenses

  • Initial setup and maintenance of translation memory may require time and effort

  • TMS Cloud: From $185 per month

  • TMS Cloud+: From $415 per month

  • TMS Private Cloud: From $544 per month


phrase translation tool

Source: Phrase

Phrase is a translation management software that helps businesses localize their content and products for global markets. It is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to manage all areas of the translation process, from content uploading to translator management and translation delivery.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Translation memory

  • MT

  • Quality assurance

  • Reporting

  • Localize products and content for international markets

  • Its automated translation feature saves time and money by automating most of the tasks involved in the translation process

  • Improve quality by using translation memory and quality assurance features

  • Expand reach by localizing products and content for international audiences

  • It can be expensive for large businesses

  • It can be difficult to learn how to use

  • It does not support all languages

  • Starts at $29 per month (billed annually) for Team Start.



Source: Smartcat

Smartcat is a popular translation software that is known for its extensive features. It provides a collaborative environment in which numerous users may work on projects together, thereby improving communication and workflow efficiency.

The platform includes advanced translation memory and terminology management capabilities, which improve consistency and reduce translation time. Smartcat also interfaces with prominent MT engines, allowing translators to combine automated and human translation.

Smartcat streamlines the translation process and enables efficient and precise translations for both individuals and agencies because of its powerful features and versatility.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Collaborative translation platform

  • Translation memory and terminology management

  • Machine translation integration

  • Project management tools

  • Marketplace and vendor management

  • Leverage previously translated segments to improve consistency and reduce translation time

  • Maintain accurate and consistent terminology usage

  • Enhance translation productivity while maintaining quality

  • Work directly with various file types without the need for additional software

  • Limited offline capabilities

  • May require some learning curve to fully use all project management features

  • Availability and quality of translators may vary

  • For organizations:

Forever free: $0

Starter: $99 per month

Unite: $669 per month

Enterprise: Custom

  • For agencies:

Forever free: $0

Starter: $165 per month

Unite: $669 per month

Enterprise: Custom

Wordbee Translator

wordbee translator

Source: Wordbee

Wordbee Translator is a cloud-based translation management system that is known for its easy-to-use interface and extensive features. It provides a strong translation memory system to effectively reuse translations, thereby improving consistency, and saving time. The software also offers terminology database management to ensure precise and consistent language usage.

The tool’s project management features facilitate collaboration by enabling streamlined communication between translators and project managers. Wordbee Translator seamlessly interacts with CMS and CRM platforms, thereby removing the need for manual translation management and reducing errors.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Robust translation memory system

  • Terminology management

  • Project management

  • Wide range of file format support

  • Reusing translations for consistent terminology and faster translations

  • Importing and exporting content from CMS and CRM systems, eliminating manual copying and pasting

  • Translating various types of content, including documents, websites, software interfaces, and multimedia files

  • Requires proactive management and regular updates to maintain accurate and up-to-date terminology

  • Limited integration options with certain proprietary or niche systems may require custom development

  • Freelance: $150 per year

  • Entrepreneur: $272 per year



Source: MateCat

MateCat is a cloud-based translation program that supports real-time collaboration, thereby allowing numerous translators to work on projects at the same time. The tool is compatible with different file types and connects with translation memory and glossaries for consistency.

MateCat's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it ideal for individual translators, language service providers, and companies looking for efficient and reliable translation solutions.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Real-time collaboration

  • Support for multiple formats of files

  • Machine translation integration

  • Project management tools

  • Translating various document types

  • Compatibility with popular formats

  • Tracking progress and deadlines

  • Resource management

  • May encounter issues with complex formatting

  • Limited customization options

  • Quality of MT may vary

  • Free



Source: OmegaT

OmegaT is a popular open-source translation tool that translation agencies use all over the world. The tool can be used with different files and has a translation memory system, allowing professional and freelance translators to save time by leveraging prior translations. It also manages terminology databases for consistent, specialized translations.

The tool works with MT engines, thereby integrating human knowledge with AI capabilities.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Open-source

  • Multiple file formats

  • Translation memory

  • Terminology management

  • Integration with MT

  • Translating various document types

  • Real-time collaboration, team-based translation projects

  • Maintaining consistent terminology across projects

  • Compatibility issues may arise with certain complex file types

  • Manual creation and management of glossaries may be time-consuming

  • Requires initial setup and building of translation memory

  • Free

CafeTran Espresso

CafeTran Espresso

Source: CafeTran

CafeTran Espresso is a powerful CAT tool (computer assisted translation) that is popular among language specialists. It supports different file types and excels at terminology management and translation memory. The tool offers smooth collaboration through cloud support and seamlessly integrates with MT engines.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Advanced terminology management

  • Robust translation memory capabilities

  • Integration with MT engines

  • Cloud support

  • Translation of various types of files

  • Seamless communication with team members

  • Leveraging AI for initial translations

  • May require some learning curve

  • One-time fee: €200

  • Annual plan: €80 per year



Source: Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based translation tool that simplifies the localization process. It supports different file types and is compatible with various development platforms. Real-time communication and tools such as translation memory and glossary management make collaboration simple.

Project managers can assign tasks, analyze progress, and use reporting and analytics to make better decisions. Crowdin is a great solution for both individual translators and large localization teams because of its user-friendly design and comprehensive features.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Supports a wide range of file types

  • Seamless integration with popular development platforms

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Translation memory and glossary management

  • Website content translation

  • Localization of mobile apps

  • Software translation

  • Documentation localization

  • Video subtitle translation

  • May require some learning curve for new users

  • Machine translations may require additional human refinement

  • Limited customization options for interface and workflow

  • Free: $0

  • Free: $50 per month

  • Team: $150 per month

  • Team+: $450 per month

Déjà Vu

deja vu translator

Source: Atril

Déjà Vu is a user-friendly translation tool that improves the consistency and efficiency of professional translators and translation agencies. The tool was created by Atril Solutions, and it uses translation memory technology to retain and reuse previously translated content, thereby saving time and ensuring terminology consistency.

With an intuitive interface and advanced features, Déjà Vu supports different file types and allows numerous translators to collaborate on a task.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Translation memory (TM)

  • Advanced search and filters

  • Collaboration capabilities

  • Integration with project management tools

  • Translates a wide range of document formats

  • Maintains consistency and accuracy throughout projects

  • Optimization of workflows and improvement

  • Relies on a learning curve for initial familiarization

  • Limited support for rare or less common file types

  • Limited integration options with specific project management tools

  • Starts from €420 for Déjà Vu X3 Professional.

XTM Cloud

xtm cloud

Source: XTM

XTM Cloud is a powerful translation management platform that streamlines workflows and revolutionizes collaboration. Its cloud-based architecture enables real-time collaboration among globally dispersed teams. XTM Cloud provides efficiency and accuracy with advanced project management features, file format support, and integration capabilities.

It features translation memory and terminology management capabilities for consistency and linguistic integrity. XTM Cloud, which is appropriate for enterprises and language service providers, enables organizations to provide high-quality translations on time and under budget, making it an indispensable tool in the translation sector.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Cloud-based

  • Project management

  • File format support

  • Translation memory

  • Globally distributed teams

  • Tracking progress and coordinating team members

  • CMS (content management systems) and third-party application integration

  • Steep learning curve for new users

  • XTM Cloud group: $61 per month

  • XTM Cloud enterprise: $351 per month



Source: Transifex

Transifex is an easy-to-use translation tool that streamlines the entire localization process. It offers features such as translation project creation, string management, collaboration, and platform connection. Transifex ensures translation quality through contextual information, review processes, and approval workflows.

Transifex is an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals involved in localization and translation projects.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Translation management

  • Integration capabilities

  • Translation quality control

  • Translation memory and glossary management

  • Individual and business use

  • Localization projects

  • Teamwork and communication

  • Limited customization options for the interface

  • May not be suitable for small-scale translations

  • Requires data input and setup for accurate analysis

  • Basic: $80 per month

  • Premium: $125 per month

  • Enterprise: Custom

Lionbridge Translation Workspace

lionbridge translation workspace

Source: Lionbridge

Lionbridge Translation Workspace is a powerful translation software tool that simplifies the translation process for professionals. Some of the features it offers include translation memory, terminology management, collaborative tools, quality assurance, and reporting.

The user-friendly design makes it simple to navigate, and the integration capabilities allow it to support different file types.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Translation memory

  • Terminology management

  • Collaboration tools

  • Integration capabilities

  • Facilitate teamwork and communication

  • Leverage previous translations for future projects

  • Monitor performance and optimize workflows

  • Access to prompt technical assistance

  • Limited usefulness for projects with highly unique content

  • Requires manual effort to create and update glossaries

  • Requires data analysis skills to derive meaningful insights

  • Starts from $10 per month



Source: Weglot

Weglot is a translation tool that is designed for websites. It interacts smoothly with popular systems such as WordPress and Shopify, recognizing and translating content into several languages instantly. It combines machine translation technology with simple editing capabilities, enabling manual customization as well as collaboration with professional translators.

Weglot optimizes search engine exposure by creating unique URLs for each translated version while maintaining the website's aesthetic. It provides different pricing plans based on word count and language requirements.

Features Use Cases Limitations Pricing
  • Seamless integration with popular website platforms (WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce)

  • Automatic detection and translation of website content

  • Search engine optimization with separate URLs for each translated version of the website

  • E-commerce platforms expanding into international markets

  • Websites targeting multilingual audiences or regions

  • Businesses looking to attract organic traffic from various regions and languages

  • Limited to website translation; not suitable for other types of translation needs

  • MT may lack the nuance and accuracy of human translation

  • Limited control over SEO optimization

  • Free trial

  • Starter: €15 per month

  • Business: €29 per month

  • Pro: €79 per month

  • Advanced: €299 per month

  • Extended: €699 per month

To Sum Up

Translation tools have become a crucial part of our interconnected world, allowing for effective communication across language borders. Your choice of the best translation tool will be determined by your specific needs and translation project requirements.

As technology keeps advancing, translation systems are expected to become more sophisticated, thereby bridging language gaps and enhancing global interactions like never before.

Businesses of all sizes can expand into new markets and reach new customers with the help of powerful localization platforms, like Centus. With Centus, you can easily translate your content into multiple languages, ensuring that your message is clear and concise for customers around the world. Learn more.


How does a translation tool work?

Translation tools use MT techniques, such as rule-based or neural approaches, to transform text from one language to another. These tools provide input preprocessing, word alignment, translation generation, and post-processing.

Although translation programs have advanced, limitations such as context and idiomatic expressions persist. The expertise of a human translator is usually required for quality assurance.

Why are translation tools important?

Translation tools are important for breaking down language barriers, increasing productivity, and saving on translation costs. They facilitate global communication, maintain uniformity, and ensure translation quality. These tools make translation more accessible to a broader variety of people and help organizations with their globalization and localization activities.

What are the different types of translation?

The key types of translation include literary, technical, legal, medical, multimedia, website, software, and financial translations. Each serves a unique purpose, such as preserving cultural nuances in literary works or ensuring legal documents are accurate.

Translators specializing in these fields often require professional certifications and multiple years of industry training.

What are machine translation tools?

Machine translation tools are software applications that use statistical or rule-based techniques for translating text from one language to another. These tools are widely used in different settings, such as government, education, and business.

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