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A computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool to create blazingly fast and accurate translations powered by AI, refined by you.

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AI CAT tool
without a learning curve

Translate more in less time

Translate more in less time

Deliver tough projects faster using MT engines and context-specific AI translation. Set up custom workflows to automate busy work.

Translate collaboratively

Translate collaboratively

Skip endless email threads and back-and-forth pings. Centus is a cozy place for translators, editors, and managers to work side-by-side and communicate in real time.

Translate to wow

Translate to wow

Do what you do, but with a touch of AI brilliance. Exceed quality expectations further, using automatic QA checks.

Centus' localisation software has accelerated our time to market, increased sales, and reduced translation costs, while ensuring that our content is accurate and culturally relevant.

Faysal Al Malki, CEO Almalki Group


translation solution

Machine translation

Leverage Google Translate, DeepL, or Bing MT engines to deliver translations faster.

Translation memory

Search and reuse previous translations.

Translation glossary

Ensure translation consistency with translation glossaries.

File format flexibility

Export and import translation files in multiple file formats.

Visual context sharing

Get valuable translation context with self-updating screenshots.

SEO optimization

Give your translations an SEO boost in just a few clicks.

Project reporting

View project completion percentage, number of keys, and much more.

Web-based tool

A web browser is all you need to deliver perfect translations.

Build your ideal translation toolkit

Tailor Centus to your needs with industry-leading tools.

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Helpful answers.

Learn how Centus can streamline your translation workflow.

Centus automates translation workflows allowing you to deliver faster and more accurate translations. Use it to segment content, find TM matches, leverage MT engines, automate manual tasks, and much more.
No, it comes with a reasonable subscription fee. But you can take advantage of the free trial to test its powerful features and see how they fit your workflow.
Absolutely! Centus supports dozens of translation formats, facilitating seamless migration. You can even migrate your translation memories and glossaries to not start from square one.