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Combine the power of Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, DeepL, and other machine translation software in one simple platform.

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without heavy lifting

Translate more, faster

Translate more, faster

Leverage Centus’ CAT features to translate more with less busy work. Swiftly gain project momentum by automatically reusing previous translations.

Achieve AI precision

Achieve AI precision

Let AI choose between several MT translations and recommend perfect matches. Rephrase or shorten AI machine translation suggestions in just a few clicks.

Translate collaboratively

Translate collaboratively

Bring the power of machine translation to both internal and external teams. Manage permissions, assign tasks, and keep everyone in the loop.

Gain full project visibility

Gain full project visibility

Eliminate end-of-project surprises by monitoring translation progress in real time. Track the number of words, project completion percentage, translation cost, and much more.

Centus' localisation software has accelerated our time to market, increased sales, and reduced translation costs, while ensuring that our content is accurate and culturally relevant.

Faysal Al Malki, CEO Almalki Group


MT solution

Multiple MT engines

Instantly generate alternative translations with Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, DeepL, and other MT engines.

Translation memory

Get a project headstart by searching and reusing previous translations.

Translation glossary

Automatically add preferred terminology from customizable glossaries.

Format guard

Get translations with formatting and placeholder tags intact.

SEO boost

Effortlessly improve the SEO performance of your translations.

File format flexibility

Import and export translations in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, and other popular formats.

Automatic QA checks

Automatically spot and remove grammar and spelling errors.

Web-based tool

Streamline your translation workflows without fiddling with software installers.

Take Centus further

Take Centus a step further with industry-leading tools.

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Neural machine translation or NMT is the approach to translation that leverages neural networks to learn from existing translations and create new ones.
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Centus supports Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate, and DeepL. We are continually expanding the range of MT providers so stay tuned for updates.
Yes, you can align MT output with your glossary entries, rephrase, or even shorter translations in just a few clicks.