Centus for Figma

Let your designers design and translators translate, without leaving their favorite tools.

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Deliver multilingual designs faster

Preview translations

Import translations into Figma to preview your design in all target languages. Detect and fix text expansion, shrinking, overlap and other UI issues instantly.

Exchange content

Exchange content between Centus and Figma for seamless creative workflows. Export all or selected Figma strings to Centus and vice versa in just a few clicks.

Create collaboratively

Collaborate with managers, translators, and developers to create multilingual products faster. Receive valuable feedback and improve your designs early in the localization process.

Share context

Share self-updating design screenshots to provide translators with context for better translations. Highlight content areas to ensure your team never misses a beat.


How Figma integration works?

1. Install Centus plugin

2. Push content to Centus

3. Translate content

4. Pull translated content to Figma

Helpful answers.

Learn how Centus can streamline your design localization process

Yes. To this end, pull translated strings from Centus and change the language settings in Figma.
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Yes, the Centus plugin for Figma supports RTL languages.

To install the Centus plugin, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open your Figma project
  • 2. Go to Menu > Plugins > Find more plugins
  • 3. In the search box, type Centus and click Run

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