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Automate manual grind

Automate manual grind

Break free from manual uploads, downloads, and other tedious tasks. Enable built-in automation features or use our developer-friendly API and CLI to create yours.

Enjoy file format flexibility

Enjoy file format flexibility

Import and export localization files for iOS, Android, or web software in your preferred format. JSON, XML, YAML, XLIFF, CSV, and beyond – Centus handles it all!

Sync with code repositories

Sync with code repositories

Automatically import translated content files from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Google Cloud Storage.


Streamline software design

Integrate Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD to synchronize development, design, and translation. Let designers preview software and fix UI issues, ensuring a polished experience across all language versions.

Update apps in real time

Update apps in real time

Get rid of pesky typos without releasing a new app version. Introduce dynamic updates to Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter apps with a convenient over-the-air SDK.

Manage multiple branches

Manage multiple branches

Create separate versions of your translation project and work on them side by side. Use alternative keys, experiment with translations, and merge branches in any direction.

Streamline your workflow with smart integrations

Connect seamlessly with the most popular code repositories and tools.

Explore all integrations

How Centus works

Upload keys

Upload keys using CLI, API, or directly from your code repo.

Delegate translation

Leave translation to MT engines or human contributors.

Export translations

Pull translated content to your app, software, or cloud file storage.

Centus' localisation software has accelerated our time to market, increased sales, and reduced translation costs, while ensuring that our content is accurate and culturally relevant.

Faysal Al Malki, CEO Almalki Group