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Upload your documents

Upload your documents in a preferred file format.

Start translation

Entrust translation to AI, MT engines, or human experts.

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Download translated documents in their original layout.

Centus' localisation software has accelerated our time to market, increased sales, and reduced translation costs, while ensuring that our content is accurate and culturally relevant.

Faysal Al Malki, CEO Almalki Group


All your documents,
accurately translated

Fast-forward translation

Fast-forward translation

Use AI or popular MT engines to set the stage for human professionals and speed up the translation process.

Preserve layout and formatting

Preserve layout and formatting

Translate multiple document types, from text-heavy reports to design-rich brochures, while keeping their original look and layout intact.

Cut translation costs

Cut translation costs

Reuse previous translations to never translate the same content twice. Take cost efficiency to the next level through routine task automation and custom workflows.

Make Centus

Expand what’s possible with Centus by connecting your favorite apps and tools.

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translation platform

Multiple file formats

Translate documents in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, and other file formats.

AI and machine translation

Leverage AI or Google Translate, DeepL, and Bing MT engines to translate documents faster.

Translation memory

Search and reuse previous translations.

Translation glossary

Use specialized vocabulary consistently across all translations.

Collaborative space

Get your translators, designers, and managers on the same page.

Quality assurance

Use automatic QA checks to avoid embarrassing grammar and spelling errors.

Project monitoring

Monitor project completion percentage, number of keys, and much more.

Web-based tool

A web browser is all you need for instant document translation.

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Learn how Centus can streamline your document translation workflow.

We support all popular file formats, including PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, TXT, JPG, PNG, RTF, and HTML. Stay tuned for updates as we continuously expand the range of supported file formats.
Centus is a localization management tool. You can use it to perform official document translation, including legal document translation, medical document translation, and technical document translation.

Use Centus to translate documents in mere minutes. It goes like this:

  • 1. Create a Centus account and upload documents.
  • 2. Select the target language and enable AI, MT, or human translation.
  • 3. Export translated documents in your preferred file format.