How to Translate an Excel File in 3 Ways


Adedamola Ojedokun

12 Dec 2023

2 min. read


Want to learn how to translate an Excel file? We’ve got you covered! Below, we teach you not one, not two, but three different ways to do it.

Pro tip: To translate an Excel spreadsheet automatically, use a professional localization management tool – Centus. Learn more.

Translate Excel file using Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a built-in tool you can use to efficiently translate Excel spreadsheets. It goes like this:

  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet and choose the file you want to translate
  2. On the toolbar, click Review > Translate microsoft translator
  3. Select the source language and target language
  4. Click Translate

Note: The translated text will only appear on the menu. It does not replace the original text in the Excel document automatically. To do so, click Insert or manually copy and paste the translated segments into their cells.


  • Microsoft Translator offers the simplest way to translate Excel files.


  • This translation method requires copy-pasting translations manually.
  • Microsoft Translator is not suitable for professional use because it occasionally provides inaccurate translations with inconsistent tone.
  • Functions and formulas are only preserved if the Functions Translator add-on is used.

Translate Excel documents with Google Translate

Google Translate supports multiple types of documents, including .xls and .xlsx.

Here’s how to translate an Excel file using Google Translate:

  1. Open Google Translate
  2. Click the Documents tab google translate
  3. Choose your source and target languages
  4. Save your Excel worksheet


  • This translation method eliminates the need for manual copy-pasting or file conversion.


  • Translated Excel files may require substantial editing to be suitable for business use.

Translate Excel spreadsheet with a professional translation tool

Professional translation tools offer a more advanced and efficient method of translating Excel spreadsheets. Unlike free online translation tools, professional software is specifically built to handle difficult translation processes, ensuring accurate outcomes.

Here's how to use the Centus tool to translate an Excel file:

  1. Create a free trial Centus account
  2. Upload your Excel document
  3. Select the target language
  4. If you opt for manual translation, track the progress and provide feedback to the translators when necessary
  5. Download the translated Excel document centus dashboard


  • Professional tools allow you to translate and edit Excel documents collaboratively.
  • Professional tools feature translation memories and glossaries for higher translation consistency and accuracy.
  • Professional translation tools feature automated QA checks.
  • Professional tools preserve original file layout and formatting.


  • Professional translation tools come at a subscription price.

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