20 Best Professional Translation Software Tools in 2023

Chidinma Egwuogu
09 Jan 2024

16 min. read


Speaking your customer's language is more than just a figure of speech — it's a business strategy. Alas, juggling multiple languages is a tricky balancing act.

Recognizing this, we searched the internet and compiled a thorough list of the best professional translation software tools available in 2023.

Whether you're a small startup expanding into international markets or a huge corporation looking to expand its global footprint, these tools can elevate your communication to new heights.

We've considered a host of factors such as ease of use, accuracy, scalability, and integrations to compile this list, so rest assured, you're getting the cream of the crop!

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What is professional translation software?

Professional translation software are tools designed to help businesses translate their content accurately into multiple languages. Translation tools do much more than simply swap words. They capture the original content's essence, context, and nuances, conveying them effectively in the target language.

Whether it's website content, promotional materials, intricate technical manuals, or complex legal documents, translation software is designed to handle it all. what is professional translation software Professional translation software programs incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies to provide precise translations.

In addition to translating text, they also offer features such as grammar checks, language detection, glossaries, translation memories, and much more.

Ranking criteria for the best professional translation software

To ensure that you get the most reliable and impartial list of the top translation software tools, we have set specific criteria for ranking them. They include:

  • Scalability: The software should be able to handle translation projects of different volumes, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • Customer support: When you hit a roadblock, you need swift and helpful support to get you back on track.
  • Superior translation quality: You don’t want awkward, robotic translations. Professional translation software should provide high-quality, human-like renditions that capture all the nuances of the source language.
  • Ease and enjoyment of use: Software should be a tool, not a chore. You need a sleek, intuitive interface, and a short learning curve.
  • Impressive language portfolio: More languages mean a broader audience. We appreciate software that can speak to the world in many tongues.
  • Tech-savviness: It should come with cutting-edge features like glossaries, translation memories, and quality control tools enabling faster and more accurate translations.
  • Smooth integrations: The best software plays well with others. It should integrate seamlessly with your favorite apps and platforms for a streamlined workflow.
  • Trustworthy security: Your data deserves the VIP treatment. Strong security measures to protect your information are non-negotiable.
  • Wallet-friendly pricing: High quality doesn't have to mean high cost. We value software that delivers top-notch service without burning a hole in your pocket.

20 Best translation software tools for professional use in 2023

1. Centus

Suitable for Translation management and localization of web apps, mobile apps, games, documents, marketing materials, and customer service
User base Mobile app developers, e-commerce platforms, translators, designers, enterprises, and small businesses looking to scale
Noteworthy aspects
  • User-friendly interface for efficient translation management

  • Integration with numerous platforms for a unified workflow

  • Collaboration features allow multiple users to simultaneously work on a project

  • Grammar checks, auto-complete, translation memory

  • Comprehensive security certifications

Pricing Free trial (No credit card required).

Learn more here

Customer reviews Users appreciate Centus for its intuitive interface, affordability, collaboration capabilities, and comprehensive support for various content types.
  • Excellent integration capabilities and thorough quality checks

  • Affordability

  • Grows with your business

Best professional translation software

2. SDL Trados Studio

Suitable for Document translation
User base Translation agencies and professional translators
Noteworthy aspects
  • Advanced translation memory technology for faster translations

  • Consistent terminology management to ensure uniformity

  • Quality control tools to uphold translation standards

  • Requires significant time and skill to master


It’s a license model, with prices starting from:

  • $354 for translators

  • $2943 for translation teams

  • $328 for license upgrades

Learn more here

Customer reviews

Users agree that SDL Trados Studio offers an extensive range of file formats and customizations but is not beginner-friendly due to its complexity.

Frequent and expensive upgrades can also be a drawback. It lacks a subscription-based license, preferred by some for keeping current with updates.

Read SDL’s reviews on Capterra and G2.

USPs SDL Trados Studio is known for its quality translation memory technology and robust quality control tools that ensure translation consistency and quality.

SDL Trados interface Source: SDL Trados

3. MemoQ

Suitable for Any project where consistency is key – like large documents or multiple pieces of content that need to match
User base Businesses, translation agencies, and freelancers
Noteworthy aspects
  • Smart technology for spotting and fixing mistakes

  • It comes with consistency checking tools to ensure uniform translations across large projects

  • Its quality monitoring features add an extra layer of security

  • The software is user-friendly and doesn't require a steep learning curve

  • Sometimes the translation speed is slow

  • Full teamwork capabilities require a constant connection to memoQ's server

Pricing Subscription model. Starts at $202 for translators and custom pricing for enterprises.
Customer reviews Users on Trust Radius appreciate its multilingual translation consistency and user-friendly nature
USPs Consistency checking tools and term bases allow maintaining accuracy across large projects.

MemoQ translator dashboard Source: MemoQ

4. Wordfast Pro

Suitable for Ensuring high-quality translations in documents and facilitating a smooth, fast workflow
User base Translators, LSPs/agencies, corporations, and educational institutions
Noteworthy aspects
  • Unlimited glossary and memory management

  • Runs on Windows,macOS, and Linux

  • Can handle virtually any file format including MS Office files, HTML, XML, InDesign, and FrameMaker

  • Integrates with SDL Trados

Pricing Starts at $580 for a full license. More pricing info here.
Customer reviews

Users on G2 and Capterra appreciate Wordfast Pro for its versatility, as it works on multiple platforms and with many file types. Its great customer service and detailed guides are a big plus.

However, some users find the software’s UI outdated and difficult to navigate. It's tough to install on macOS, but the online version helps with this issue. Despite these minor drawbacks, users appreciate the software’s free version.

USPs Powerful memory tools that expedite the translation process

Wordfast Translator interface Source: Wordfast

5. Smartcat

Suitable for Website content translation, game localization, and marketing materials translation
User base Translation agencies, freelance translators, and businesses
Noteworthy aspects
  • Option to source translators and manage all aspects of your translation projects.

  • Can handle payments within the platform.

  • The user interface is simple and friendly.

  • Free-to-use version (with limitations)

Pricing Smartcat comes with a free tier that's surprisingly generous. If you need more features, the paid plans start at $99/month. Find detailed information on their pricing page.
Customer reviews

Reviews indicate that Smartcat stands out for its helpful customer service, quick payouts to freelance translators, and user-friendly features like segment-based work. It also boasts easy document handling.

However, the process of introducing minor edits to the text can be improved in Smartcat. Some people also reported occasional system overloads. A point of concern among reviews is Smartcat's recent shift towards serving businesses more than translation companies, along with changes in their pricing models.


You don't just get a translation tool; you get an entire workspace and marketplace. This includes features for managing payments, facilitating collaboration, and overseeing translation projects.

Integration with Lokalise, Github, Gitbucket, Jira, Contentful, Figma, Zendesk, and more.

Smartcat UI Source: Smartcat

6. Fluency Now

Suitable for Documents and website content
User base Freelance translators, LSPs, educational institutions, hospitals, and businesses
Noteworthy aspects
  • Clean and intuitive user interface

  • Extensive compatibility with different file formats

  • Effective integration with third-party tools, including Trados and Wordfast

  • Excellent customer support according to user reviews

  • Fluency Now is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pricing Starts from $15/month for 2 PCs. Get more details here.
Customer reviews

Users mostly have positive feedback about its easy-to-use interface and great customer support. Its high compatibility with different file formats is well-liked.

Some users provided negative feedback on the steep learning curve and difficulties with complex projects. Read more


Swift and helpful customer support

Affordable price

Fluency Now UI Source: Fluency Now

7. Phrase (formerly Memsource)

Suitable for App and website localization, hiring translators, and translation management
User base LSPs, startups, and enterprises
Noteworthy aspects
  • Strong collaboration features

  • Comprehensive integration capabilities with various third-party platforms

  • Effective translation memory system

Pricing Starts at $29/month per user for basic features, but there are advanced plans for more comprehensive needs. Read more
Customer reviews

User reviews highlight Phrase's simplified localization capabilities and integration with other tools.

The interface is clear and helpful, too. However, users suggest improvements in project list sorting, comment inclusion in exported files, and QA process optimization.

See more reviews on TrustRadius and G2

  • Potent translation memory system

  • Collaborative environment

  • Sophisticated analytics tools

Phrase UI Source: Phrase

8. Matecat

Suitable for Documents, and simple translations
User base Freelance translators, translation agencies, and businesses
Noteworthy aspects
  • Unlimited, free, and open-source translation capabilities

  • Downloadable code

  • Free technical support via email

Pricing Free
Customer reviews MateCat reviews commend its clean interface, personal glossary use, and quality machine translations, but criticized its lack of offline support and some technical issues. Despite these drawbacks, its user-friendliness and solid support are highly appreciated.
USPs Excess work can be outsourced to translators within the community

MateCat UI Source: MateCat

9. Lilt

Suitable for Website content, marketing materials, software localization, and documents
User base Enterprises, language service providers, translation agencies, and freelance translators
Noteworthy aspects
  • Recording of localized voiceover tracks based on localized scripts

  • Audio mixing, syncing, and post-editing services

  • Access to a host of translators

Pricing Pricing details are not publicly available. Prospective users must contact Lilt's sales team for a custom quote based on their specific needs. See more details here.
Customer reviews Reviews indicate that Lilt is praised for its thorough QA tests, ability to handle big projects, and responsive customer support. Despite these positive aspects, users note minor functionality constraints like the lock on document edits post-QA unless authorized by a project lead.
  • Highly trained linguists with PhDs, Masters, or Bachelors degrees in their field

  • Robust post-localization reviews and QA

Lilt Translation UI Source: Lilt

10. Transifex

Suitable for Software and digital content localization
User base Translators, startups, and large enterprises
Noteworthy aspects
  • Developer hub with comprehensive guides

  • Multilingual customer support features

  • Free plan for eligible open-source projects

Pricing Transifex provides a free trial for users to explore its features. Paid plans start at $80/month. And there’s a free plan for eligible open-source projects. Read more.
Customer reviews Users appreciate Transifex's strength in managing multilingual projects and making changes in real time. They note the interface can be complex but still find it intuitive and appreciate the fast database search. A minor concern is the profile activity not updating regularly.
USPs Largest localization community for Open Source projects

Transifex UI Source: Transifex

11. XTM Cloud

Suitable for Technical documents, marketing collateral, software UI, and web content
User base Large enterprises and translation agencies
Noteworthy aspects
  • Can translate text in the source document’s format

  • You integrate XTM Cloud with your existing content systems

  • Being a cloud-based solution, it facilitates collaborative work

Pricing There’s a 30-day free trial and no set price. A quote can be requested from XTM’s sales team.
Customer reviews Users enjoy using XTM Cloud for its powerful features, ability to customize, and top-notch support. On the downside, they find the interface and reporting tools not as user-friendly as desired. While the lack of offline work option is a concern, XTM Cloud's comprehensive functionality still makes it a good tool.
USPs Key selling points include its integrated translation memory and terminological glossary, real-time collaborative translation environment, and support for a vast array of file formats.

XTM Cloud UI Source: XTM Cloud

12. Pairaphrase

Suitable for Documents, business communications, various text types, and marketing content
User base International enterprises
Noteworthy aspects
  • Provides online collaboration tools

  • Professional speech-to-speech and speech-to-text translation on mobile

  • Runs on macOS and Windows

  • Offers 24/7/365 live human technical support


30-day packages starting from $199, and yearly subscription starting from $3399.

Find out more.

Customer reviews

Users appreciate Pairaphrase for its easy-to-use, cloud-based system that provides quick and generally accurate translations.

It's great for technical languages and comes with responsive customer support. However, it does struggle with maintaining original document formatting and has inconsistent prompts for text modifications. Read more on Trustpilot and Trustradius.

  • Enterprise translation software API

  • Excellent security and enterprise-level data protection.

Pairaphrase UI Source: Pairaphrase

13. TextUnited

Suitable for Website and software localization, and business document translation
User base Used by a diverse range of businesses from small to large
Noteworthy aspects
  • Video subtitling and transcription powered by AI

  • Integration with a variety of platforms such as Figma, Salesforce, and Confluence

Pricing Offers a free tier and subscription plans starting from $66/month for basic features. See more on pricing here.
Customer reviews

Users typically appreciate TextUnited for its professional project management and quality translations.

However, users criticize it for occasional sluggish performance, unclear task management, and unaddressed bug reports. Some also express frustration over difficulties in deleting failed projects and issues with terminology management. Read reviews on GetApp and Crozdesk.

  • Scan & Translate feature

  • One-click setup for Github and Bitbucket

TextUnited UI Source: Appsumo

14. OmegaT

Suitable for Documents and website content
User base Freelance translators, translation students, and hobbyists
Noteworthy aspects
  • Open-source translation software

  • Integration with other CAT tools

  • Multilingual user support channel

Pricing One of the key advantages of OmegaT is that it's free to use, making it a cost-effective solution for translation needs.
Customer reviews Reviews for OmegaT are mostly positive, with users praising its value for money and flexibility. Some users report a steep learning curve, outdated user interface, need for coding fluency, and better Office document formatting.
USPs The unique features of OmegaT include its status as an open-source tool, customizable features, and multi-platform support.

OmegaT UI Source: OmegaT

15. Crowdin

Suitable for Software localization, document translation, and website translation
User base Developers, product managers, translation and localization teams, and international businesses
Noteworthy aspects
  • Vendor marketplace

  • Integration with platforms like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD

  • API and webhooks

Pricing Crowdin offers a free plan, with paid plans starting at $50/month. See more.
Customer reviews

Reviews for Crowdin are largely positive, with users appreciating its clean interface, robust feature set, and integrations. However, some users mention that the price plans should be customizable to fit their unique needs.

Read on G2.

USPs Crowdin's unique selling points include its extensive API and integration capabilities, its robust localization features, and its versatility in handling different types of content.

Crowdin UI Source: Crowdin

16. Lokalise

Suitable for Software localization, website translation, and document translation
User base Development teams, product managers, international enterprises, and localization teams
Noteworthy aspects
  • Powerful integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure Repos, Jira, and more

  • API access

  • Allows users to translate text from uploaded images

Pricing Lokalise offers a range of plans starting at $120/month, See other plans here.
Customer reviews

Lokalise stands out for handling multiple projects and sharing translation keys, wide range of integrations, and excellent 24/7 customer support. Its automation features allow real-time translations with minimal monitoring.

However, users say it can occasionally slow down, show repetitive update messages, and make finding missing translations challenging. Moreover, the documentation, while useful, could be better organized (G2).

USPs Lokalise stands out for its powerful localization features, its integrations and API access, and its collaborative tools.

Lokalize UI Source: Lokalize

17. GlobalLink

Suitable for Document translation, website translation, and software localization
User base Large organizations, professionals, and translation agencies
Noteworthy aspects
  • AI-enabled voiceover and subtitling

  • Integration with CMS, DMS, e-commerce, and other platforms

Pricing GlobalLink does not provide specific pricing information on their website. Request a quote here.
Customer reviews Reviews for GlobalLink are generally positive, with users appreciating its range of features and automation capabilities. Some users note that it can be complex to set up and use effectively. Read more on G2 and Capterra.
USPs GlobalLink stands out for its powerful automation features, wide range of translation management tools, and tailored solutions for large organizations and agencies.

GlobalLink UI Source: Nimdzi

18. Weglot

Suitable for Web content, software and website localization
User base Large organizations, professionals, and translation agencies
Noteworthy aspects
  • No-code integration process

  • Detects website text, images, and SEO metadata

  • Automatically creates language subdomains or subdirectories, implements hreflang tags, and translates metadata rank

  • Integrates with platforms such as WordPress and Shopify

Pricing Starts from $20/month (10,000 words). Free trial available (with limitations). More info here.
Customer reviews Users commend its ease of use, speed, seamless integration with various platforms, and excellent customer support. There have been minimal hiccups with the tool though, and doubts about the value of the plan for small websites. Read more on G2 and Getapp.
USPs Automatic website content detection and translation

Weglot UI Source: Weglot

19. Localazy

Suitable for Software localization
User base App developers, businesses
Noteworthy aspects
  • Integrates with over 50 platforms

  • Pool of qualified human translators

  • Quick machine translation

Pricing Free plan available. Paid plans start from $19/month. More info here.
Customer reviews Users appreciate the straightforward setup, app-specific localization features, and community translations. However, some users mention a steep learning curve for new customers and ask for a more flexible plan. Read more on G2 and Capterra.
USPs Great deals for nonprofit, student, indie, academia, and open-source developers

Localazy UI Source: Localazy

20. Smartling

Suitable for Documents, web content, app localization
User base Businesses, enterprises, LSPs
Noteworthy aspects
  • End-to-end localization solution

  • Supports multiple content types

  • Includes basic CAT and human translation services

Pricing Quote-based pricing
Customer reviews Users appreciate its wide range of features, quality translations, and professional services. Some users mentioned it could be complex for first-time users. Read more on G2 .
  • Content management and translation in one platform

  • Visual context for translators

  • Professional translation services provided

Smartling UI Source: Smartling

Key takeaways

We've looked at 20 diverse translation tools, each bringing unique strengths to suit varied needs. It goes to show how difficult it is to pick a good translation software for your translation project.

So, here are some key points to remember when choosing a translation tool include:

  • Assess your requirements: Understand what you need from a translation software platform. Is it for translating documents or website content, or perhaps for localization?
  • Consider the user base: Who are the tool's primary users? Individual translators, businesses, or LSPs?
  • Check the price: Look at the cost and what you get for it. Some platforms offer free versions, while others have feature-rich premium plans.
  • Read user reviews: Reviews from users can provide practical insights about the tool's usability and effectiveness.
  • Unique features: Identify what sets each tool apart from others. It could be advanced AI capabilities, ease of use, or customizability.

Remember, the choice of a translation tool greatly depends on your specific needs and how those align with what each tool offers.

Ultimately, the best translation management software is the one that fits seamlessly into your workflow, provides accurate translations for your specific needs, and delivers the best value for your investment.

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