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Company overview

Customer centric payment solutions

Ensure your business can access the support and service it needs to compete in today’s fast-paced business environment with Centus.

In a sector increasingly driven by technology, service and support are no longer a given. One of the greatest challenges facing the processing industry is managing customer issues with a profile that cannot be accommodated by simple enquiry forms and drop down boxes.

When Centus was created, it was built to stand out amongst the competition. Over our years of experience working in the industry, we constantly listened to feedback from customers demanding a better service, more responsive contact and advisors to help them through the most challenging of issues.

That’s why our customers are always at the front and centre of everything we do at Centus. From the moment you sign up with our service, we work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve full integration across all your platforms, with a solid straightforward on-boarding process.

We believe that the best way of maximising revenues for our business is to become an irreplaceable part of yours. Enjoy a lifetime of fast and responsive support, in-depth reporting and proactive customer contact as a Centus customer.

It is time to choose a new kind of payments service. One that is focused on delivering the fast paced and responsive service you need to truly compete in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace. By giving you the insight you need, Centus empowers your performance to satisfy your businesses requirements.

Mission statement

Consistently enable business by developing and providing the latest payment methods, and technology, to our customers. Centus places the customer at the heart of everything we do and strives to deliver sustainable profit to reinvest and improve the business to further benefit our customers.

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Vision statement

Centus will be a constructive, efficient and dynamic business that is trusted and valued, by our partners and customers, for its integrity. We will stimulate development, drive innovation and contribute towards evolving the way payments are made.

Company values

At Centus the following fundamental values guide and underling the way we do business, serve customers and build relationships that last:

Integrity – act with honesty, rectitude and good moral character at all times. Say what you mean and commit to what you say.

Innovation – pursue creative and bold ideas that have the potential to change the way payments are made.

Cooperation – work as a team and help others who need it. Whilst everyone has unique roles, the company’s interest is priority.

Simplicity – keep it simple. Focus on creating an easy and simple payment process and all else will follow.

Partnership – build open and robust relationships with good communication that are based on trust.

Resilience – learn from mistakes, see challenges as opportunities, face problems head on and be determined to find a solution. Don’t give up.

Excellence – endeavor to improve ourselves and excel in all aspects of our business. Meet every challenge with a determination to succeed.