Why choose Centus?

Why choose Centus?

Why choose centus?

The optimal choice for an evolving industry

In a rapidly changing environment, it is vital for your business to have the right partner to support the change and adaptation necessary to grow your business and succeed.

Dedicated customer service

Our around the clock support team is committed to providing our clients with a fast and responsive service that successfully resolves issues in the least time possible. A dedicated account manager allows for a personalised service, and to stay up to date with your merchant account and payment acquiring needs.

Detailed reporting

Consistently improve your service, boost conversions and resolve difficulties in your sales funnels. Use our in depth analytics to review your current processes and maximise your return on investment. Our aim is to help lower your decline ratio by eliminating fraud, not genuine paying customers.

Omni-channel payments

Expand your business on the global stage with Centus. Accept all major currencies and alternative payment options under one platform and consolidated merchant account.

Switching to centus

Centus is able to provide new and existing businesses with volume limited accounts on a trial basis to help launch and test new projects or business ventures. If you are satisfied with the results and your account remains issue-free during this period we will switch your service to a fully operational Centus merchant account.

Integration support

Work with our technical experts to fully integrate your website or shopping cart into our payment gateway platform. Rather than simply providing you with an API, we ensure that you are able to achieve full functionality with our system and assist you along the way, to make sure you get the most from the payment services we have to offer.

Bespoke payment solutions

Regardless of where your customers and business is situated, our payments team will construct individual payment solutions to accommodate all your payment transactional requirements, allowing you to work with a single provider.

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