Video and social gaming

Video and social gaming

Take your payments to the next level

Centus provides you with the power to effectively monetise your gaming.


  • Access a world-wide player base with our consolidated platform
  • Easy to use payment systems effortlessly integrates with your software
  • Rapid solutions for all transactional issues through our 24/7 support team
  • Utilise built in analytical tools to maximise conversions and reduce loss

Instant on demand services

Players require seamless payment options throughout their gameplay experience to access extra content and functionality. Centus’s responsive payment solutions are specifically designed to integrate with your software platform, providing your audience with instant accessibility.

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Video and social gaming: streamlined payment processing

Streamlined payment processing

Unlock the power to serve a global marketplace with our wide range of payment processing options. With the ability to accept all major payment currencies and localised risk management checks, Centus makes it a simple task for you to export your ingenuity.

Expert account management

Video and social gaming companies require a comprehensive strategy that accommodates your entire consumer base. Achieve total market coverage by working with our team of dedicated payment experts to construct transactional pathways to deliver your content.

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