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  • Single consolidated omnichannel platform manages all your payments
  • Increase sales by extending your service across world-wide channels
  • Improve customer experience with fast and seamless transactions
  • Access our extensive market experience to establish the optimum solutions

Effortless shopping

It is vital to use the most efficient payment gateway possible. From the moment a customer decides to make a purchase, every fraction of a second matters to reduce checkout abandonment and increase sales.

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Retail: platform integration

Platform integration

Combine your existing e-Commerce platform with Centus’s payment processing power to create a seamless transactional journey. Improve your customer experience, reduce basket abandonment and increase acceptance rates.

A personal service

Avoid a costly learning curve by working with our payment experts who are experienced in working with market-leading retailers, allowing us to construct robust payment solutions that meet your requirements, with the anti-fraud screening necessary for customer assurance.

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