Public sector and government

Public sector and government

A commercially developed service for public and government organisations

Harness the power of the latest transactional technology platform to grow your operations.

Leverage the wealth of experience Centus can extend to your business with our knowledge and expertise to implement payment systems for all types of official institutions, councils and governing bodies.

Enabling official business

Transactional payment processing has the flexibility to underline every aspect of your public service organisation. Accept court payments and regular tax billing or set up one off payments for public functions. Our systems adapt to your administrative responsibilities, streamlining customer experience and enhancing existing management processes and structures.

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Public sector and government: secure and confidential processing

Secure and confidential processing

As a public organisation or government department, people demand the highest security standards from your payment systems. At Centus we create specific fraud and risk management solutions, based on your jurisdiction and local challenges, to provide a robust and secure payments platform, designed to protect every transaction without impeding legitimate transactions.

Informed and accurate decision making

Utilise the reporting functions on offer from our technology to better inform future developments within your organisation. Understand how to reduce costs of accepting payments to minimise expenditure whilst maintaining the same service levels that your public has always enjoyed.

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