Insurance and finance

Insurance and finance

The total power to enable and support financial and insurance transactions

Centus delivers transactional businesses a structured solution built around success

Enabling your operations

Serve your customer base with secure and robust transactional systems from Centus. Flexible enough to accommodate your existing business practices and procedures, we create bespoke payment journeys designed to integrate with the structure of your business at every level.

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Insurance and finance: smooth transitional migrations

Smooth transitional migrations

To ensure that our systems are correctly implemented in line with your operation, we provide you with a 24-hour support team. All personnel have a high degree of technological understanding of multiple platforms promoting a rapid and seamless integration, based on hundreds of successful transfers and integrations.

Cutting edge technology

Manage the full spectrum of your customer transactional types with our advanced technologies. Utilise standard single payment types or establish regular billing procedures for ongoing payments, alongside the facilities to transfer funds between accounts in all major currencies on a global basis.

Security and stability in the most demanding industries from centus

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