Fraud and risk management

Fraud and risk management

Commercial confidence in an increasingly digital world

Increase sales revenues and block fraudulent transactions without blocking genuine customers with Centus’s state of the art Fraud and Risk Management solutions

Credit and debit cards are not the only way to pay online. There are over 400 alternative payment methods, all suited to different consumer preferences and demographics.
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Personalised security and protection

Our real time fraud prevention solutions are constructed around your specific payment journeys and transaction types. Revenues are kept safe, growth is supported and customer experience and trust is placed front and centre of your business. With instant decision making available, you are in total control.

Total feedback reporting

Access historic data via our simple and intuitive business intelligence portal. Track individual transactions or assess your fraud detection, prevention and payment activities using the latest up-to-the minute data. Create more effective fraud prevention strategies by seeing what’s working every time, all the time.

Adjusting to fit your business

With automatic chargeback handling technology, our risk management system reduces the amount of time you have to allocate to manual reviews. Optimise your risk profiles using historic data and statistical modelling to streamline your customer acceptance process.

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