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Entertainment and ticketing

Simple event payments that suit every audience

Centus payment processing gives you the power to ticket and charge in a flexible, accessible fashion for every type of customer.

Integrate your online portals for a truly comprehensive service. Increase sales by offering more ways for your customers to pay.

Proactive technical support

Streamlining and onboarding support is essential for our clients. You receive hands on support and advice from our technicians. Our operatives work closely with your development teams to overcome any challenges in the setup procedure. We believe in assisting all our clients in obtaining the most they can from our systems.

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Centus entertainment ticketing: full risk management

Full risk management

Offer tickets for sale on a global basis and protect your operation from fraud and risk at a local level. With our in-built software support and profiling services, you will dramatically reduce the levels of fraud and chargebacks, helping create a more streamlined service and a loyal customer base.

Comprehensive payment solutions

Centus has the technology to enable fast and secure transactions in all major currencies. Combined with a full merchant services solution to aid reporting, feedback with conversion data and streamlining your customer experience to create smooth transactional pathways to suit your business needs.

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