Digital content

Digital content

Entertain audiences all over the globe

Centus gives you the power to deliver digital content to customers – the moment they want it.

Why choose centus?

  • Engage with content hungry customers on a world-wide basis
  • Single payment platform works on all popular devices
  • Bespoke processing journeys facilitate simple and easy transactions
  • Full 24/7 support team to help with all chargeback and on-boarding issues

A new frequency

The ever-growing digital content and media industry continually drives the evolution of payments. Satisfy your audience’s demands for instant access to content with fast and reliable bespoke payments services designed to accommodate your business model, including in-app and subscription services.

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Centus digital content: the smartphone solution

The smartphone solution

Place transactional power in the hands of your customers. Featuring flexible payment systems designed to maximise conversions and payments whilst minimising chargebacks, Centus provides a fast, fully integrated platform capable of accepting all major currencies.

Understanding your business

Our dedicated team of payment experts ensure that your payment process is as efficient as possible. From individual risk management solutions based on your markets through to dispute resolution and third party liaison, we are here to support your operation and maximise your returns.

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