Charities and non-profits

Charities and non-profits

It has never been easier to give

Collect money for your charity with fast and flexible transactional payment systems.

The kindness and generosity of people is the lifeblood of all charities – let people give and accept payments in the most convenient way.

Simple contributions

View every type of payment transaction accommodated by Centus under a single consolidated overview. People can make one off or recurring donations to your charity via card payments alongside more complex banking facilities.

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Charities and non-profits: engage your audience

Engage your audience

Regardless of the focus of your charity or non-profit organisation, our adaptable service works with the constraints and challenges of your transactional strategies. Use our dependable systems and accept all major currencies, providing your charity with a truly global reach.

Confidentiality and security

Protect your donors and transactions using a constantly updated security management feature that is a core element of the Centus service. Locally configured profiles and case-by-case management allows you to effectively set your own risk levels and fraud monitoring.

Help us facilitate your payments and make the gift of giving easier.

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