Alternative payment options

Alternative payment options

Financial flexibility in an ever-changing world

Centus maintains itself at the cutting edge of the global payments industry, so you don’t have to.

Credit and debit cards are not the only way to pay online. There are over 400 alternative payment methods, all suited to different consumer preferences and demographics.
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Understanding the opportunities

With advances in the global online payments industry, the future is increasingly digital. Centus offers customers the necessary payment technology to evolve and adapt to the way payments are made online and take advantage of the latest technology

Attract new customers

Reduce basket abandonment and win loyalty by ensuring you offer your customer’s preferred alternative payment options. Payment methods differ in popularity from country to country and understanding the local market is the key to successful international expansion.

Your advantage

With vast experience working across most sectors in the alternative payments space, Centus is positioned to provide its customers with the most appropriate payment methods and consumer behaviour insights to support your business strategy based on the sector in which your company operates.

Grow your business with alternative payment options.

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