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Effectively serve the growing global commercial and tourist air-travel market.

Why choose centus?

  • Consolidated platform speeds up transactions and reduces costs
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team skilled in fast problem resolutions
  • Global partnerships provide easy integration with third party systems
  • Bespoke solutions for your operational payment frameworks

The flight path to success

Access the wealth of our experience serving the airline industry, helping you establish a streamlined payment strategy that encompasses global reach, multi-jurisdiction payments, secure transactional systems and cost optimisation.

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Centus airlines: a connected world

A connected world

Accept online and mobile payments in major transactional currencies from a single platform. With full risk checks and integration with global airline distribution partners, you receive everything needed to serve customers on a world-wide basis.

Service and support

Key to our service is a team of dedicated payment specialists, available at all times to help you construct effective transactional strategies that support and streamline your entire market exposure.

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